Farming Products

CoCo Peat is a excellent growing medium and soil conditioner with multi-purpose properties. It’s consistent and uniform texture makes is a completely homogenous material composed of millions natural capillary micro-sponges, that absorb and hold up to eight times it’s own weight in water.

Grow Bags

Grow Bags are popular growing mediums for green houses and nurseries. They are 100% natural, recyclable and environmentally friendly. Most applications of Grow Bags are used for growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Strawberries, beans etc.. Exotic Flowers  and a whole lot more.

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Blocks and Bales

Blocks & Bales are specially designed as a most convenient product for commercial growth such as farms, potting mixtures, landscaping and seed generation. Also used in Golf corse settings for soil conditioner and mushroom industry etc.
Due to low compression ratio its easy to handle and easy to break.

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Grow cubes

Grow Cubes have been specifically designed, for the propagation of seedlings, cuttings and young plants. This growing medium is natural, completely biodegradable and surrounded by a flexible netting so that the young roots can easily expand freely for full growth.

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Bricks & Briquettes

Briquettes are made with coco pith and compressed 8:1 ratio to give more effective load-ability. These products usually made for domestic and home gardening purposes, packed in wrapped form.


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Planter Bags

Planter Bags are “open top bags” or “slightly pierced” sacks filled with fresh coco peat another popular growing system for green houses, homes and garden decor. There are various cost effective applications planter bags come in handy.

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