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Premium quality coconut fibre products made of 100% Sri Lankan Grown Coconut
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GreenPeat Coco

Premium quality coconut fibre products made of 100% Sri Lankan Grown Coconut

100% CoCo Fibre Products

Sri Lankan grown Coconuts are demanded for their pure extracts and fine quality

Leading experienced Coir & Coco peat manufacture in Sri Lanka

Did you know that coconuts have healing and protective properties?

Pure virgin Sri Lankan coconut produce is yet a market leader
Coco peat blocks & Bales


Range of pure coco peat blocks, bales and grow bags made to order


Pure extracted coir fibre of coconut husks


GeoTextiles made of 100% extracted coir fiber


Biodegradable, Rubberised Coir Sheets & Weed Control Mats

What We Offer

Green peat Coco A new brand developed by Ceilan Coir Products (Pvt) Ltd, is a leading experienced coir and coco peat Manufacturer and Exporter in Sri Lanka identified in the market for its Coco Peat, Coconut Husk Chips, Coir fiber, Geo Textiles and Fresh coconuts as its key agro products.

We are proud to be found as one of the few best manufacturers and exporters of coir fiber and coco peat products in the country. As our coir and coco peat products are made out of the finest and pure coir from Sri Lanka which is one of the best sources for coir and coco peat in the world. If you are looking for really good quality coir and coco peat products at competitive prices we at Green peat Coco will be most as welcome to provide you wit products from our range.

We understand our clients needs better than any other supplier in the industry and offer the finest quality coir and coco peat products at a very competitive price.

  • Pure Coco Peat Products 100%
  • Manufacturing & Customization 90%
  • Quality Check 100%
  • Specialized Range 100%

Our Work Flow

Harvesting & Sorting

The begging of the product; sorting the right fruit from over thousands of trees in over acres of coconut field specialy taken care of and cultivated painstakenly to bring out the best Coconut.


The extraction process is a long manual process that separates the fine fibers out of the husks and shells..


After completion of the extraction and filtering process begins the compressing of the fresh peat to reduced blocks, bags, bales etc.. Simply with water and controlled pH levels and more..

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